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6th grade World History
Rockwood South Middle School 
636-938-2236  rosspatricia@rockwood.k12.mo.us

Daily Geography Questions

Daily Geography Questions

     Week 1 Daily Geography Questions   

1: What is the name of the imaginary line that divides the earth into the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres?

2: Which of the following is NOT a state: Rhode Island, Louisiana, Sacramento, Montana?

3: Is the Tropic of Cancer north or south of the equator?

4: Name the five oceans.

5: Name the five oceans of the world in order from largest to smallest.

6: Which hemisphere am I in?

7: What are the names of the four hemispheres of the earth?

8: What part of a map contains information on what maps symbols mean?

     Week 2 Daily Geography Questions

1: What are the seven continents of the earth?

2: What is the definition of a peninsula?

3: What is the definition of a gulf?

4: Which of the following ISN'T a city?

5: Is the Arctic Circle north or south of the equator?

6: What are the two continents in the world with the largest land areas?

7: What is the northern most point called?

8: What is the term used to describe an area of land completely surrounded by water?

     Week 3 Daily Geography Questions

1: In which hemisphere is Russia located?

2: What does a star on a map mean?

3: Name the five great lakes.

4: What is the capitol of North Dakota, a state admitted to the United States in 1889?

5: Is Mississippi east or west of Alabama?

6: Draw 4 cardinal directions on a compass rose.

7: Which sea is the largest: North, Mediterranean, Caspian, or South China Sea?

8: What is the definition of a strait?

     Week 4 Daily Geography Questions

1: If you were traveling from Denver, Colorado to Bismarck,  North Dakota, what direction would you be traveling?

2: Most maps have a grid system, scale, and a ____?(fill in the blank)

3: Which state is farther north: North Dakota, or Maine?

4: What two countries border mongolia?

5: What were the names of the original thirteen states?

6: Helsinki the capitol of Finland, is located on what sea?

7: Which of these cities is located in the southern hemisphere?

8: To which continent does Central America belong?

     Week 5 Daily Geography Questions

1: What three continents does the Arctic Circle pass through?

2: The island of Bermuda is a colony of what nation?

3: If a state is outside the contiguous United States  what does this mean?

4: What is the capitol of Alaska?

5: What is your name, Address, County, City, State, Country, Continent, Hemisphere, and planet?

6: Which four continents touch the Indian Ocean?

7: What part of a map tells the relationship of distance shown the map to real distance on the Earth?

8: How many countries does Mexico border?

     Week 6 Daily Geography Questions

1: What is the Caribbean island with the second largest land area?

2: What river flows just south of Cincinnati, Ohio?

3: What is the capitol of the state that is bordered by Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma?

4: The Prime Meridian passes through which three continents?

5: How many states are west of the Mississippi River?

6: Bolivia is one of two landlocked countries in South America. What is the name of the other country?

7: If you were in downtown Chicago facing North. What direction would you travel to go to Lake Michigan?

8: Mexico City is the capital of Mexcio. Is the Tropic of Capricorn North or South of Mexcio City?

     Week 7 Daily Geography Questions

1: Lisbon us to Portugal as _______ is to Cameroon. (Fill in the blank)

2: What is the difference between a natural and a political boundary?

3: What color probably is found on a world map more than any other?

4: What ocean does most of the International Date Line pass through?

5: What is the difference between a physical map and a political map?

6: What is the capitol of the only country that borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea?

7: If you were in downtown Chicago and facing north what direction would you go to reach Lake Michigan?

8: Mexico is the capitol of Mexico, is it north or south of the Tropic of Cancer?

     Week 8 Daily Geography Questions

1: Name the gulf located east of Texas, West of Florida, and north of southern Mexico.

2: What is the capitol of the island nation off the coast of Asia through which the Tropic of Cancer passes?

3: What is the name of the country whose neighbors are Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina?

4: Does the Northern or Southern hemisphere have more land?

5: What ocean borders Australia's western coastline?

6: What are the capitols of the two states that border both the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers?

7: Which distance is greater, Fort worth to Las Angeles or Fort worth to New York?

8: Which is the only ocean through which the equator passes?

     Week 9 Geography Questions

1: Name four countries that possess islands in the Caribbean Sea?

2: Look at a physical map of Africa. Name two capes located at Africa's southern tip.

3: What continent is the South Pole located on?

4: What state has Providence as it's capitol?

5: Which African countries does the Tropic of Capricorn pass?

6: What two countries have land borders with the United States?

7: What direction would you steer your boat to travel from Equator to the Galapagos Islands?

8: Is Saudi Arabia in Asia or Africa?

     Week 10 Geography Questions

1: I am a body of land nearly surrounded by water. I am located south of the Appalachian Mountain and east of the Gulf of Mexico.

2: Which mountains extend north and south through much of North America.

3: What physical feature is found in the northeast part of the continent?

4: Which rivers flow through the continent of North America?

5: Name the seven continents.

6: How are Paraguay and Zambia similar?

7: Which city is farthest north: LA, San Diego, San Francisco.

8: Which of the following football teams play home games in cities located in Ohio: Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Detroit Loins, Cincinnati Bengals?

     Week 11 Geography Questions

1: Name the gulf located between the countries of Sweden and Finland.

2: Which is farther north: North Carolina or South Dakota?

3: What countries border the Black Sea?

4: Which is nearer to Nashville Columbus, Georgia, or Baltimore, Maryland?

5: Whose border is closest to the Pacific Ocean: Nevada or Idaho?

6: What four large islands make up the Greater Antilles in the West Islands?

7: Which is the name of the forty-eight contiguous states has the largest land area?

8: What is the name of the large mountain range is South America?

     Week 12 Geography Questions

1: What direction would you be flying if you were traveling from San Francisco, California to Miami, Florida?

2: Libya is to Africa as Venezuela is to _____ ________.

3: Which of the fifty states is farthest west?

4: What country has a land border with Denmark?

5: Which continents does the Tropic of Cancer pass through?

6: What larger island nation is located southeast coast of Africa?

7: Who owns Baja (or lower) California?

8: What is the state with the smallest land area?

     Week 13 Geography Questions

1: Why were the Alps helpful to Romans?

2: What were three roman gods names after greek gods?

3: What general attacked Rome through the Alps?

4: How many times did Rome defeat Cartherage in the Punic Wars?

5: What well known large river in Brazil has a mouth at the Atlantic Ocean? 

6: Which are closer to the equator, the nomads of Sahara or Coffee Growers of Columbia?

7: What river in part forms the southern border of the United States?

8: Which continent is closer to the South Pole Africa of Australia?

     Week 14 Geography Questions

1: What is the cost of first class postage today?

2: What countries border the Caspian Sea?

3: What extends west into the Gulf of Alaska?

4: About how many meters tall is Mount Kilimanjaro?

5: The state of Colorado borders what other states?

6: Suppose you are in Washington D.C. at 9:00 AM, what time is it in Kansas?

7: What mountain range is located between the Black and the Caspian Seas?

8: Paraguay is to Bolivia as ________________________Honduras?

     Week 15 Daily Geography Questions

1.  What was the tournaments that knights would hold called?

2. What city were the Cursaders traveling to?

3.  What symbol did all crusaders have as heraldry of their shields?

4. Where do historians believe that the plague origniated?

5. What body of water seperated France and England?

6.What event started the time period of the Middle Ages?

7. What was the color Only the royal family was allowed to put on their shield?

8. What was the large medieval church called?